🎁Due to the busy holiday season, packages being delivered to you might get delayed, please be patient waiting for delivery🎁

1. What Does It Cost For Shipping?

  • Qualify for Free Shipping on any order $30+ 
  • All Other Orders will have a minimum shipping charge between ($1.99 - $7.99)

United States


2. Where Is My Package?

  • Check your email! Our full service tracking system will notify your provided email with your tracking number as it becomes available. Our goal is to provide you with the best tracking information possible!
  • Please check your email to see if you have received a Tracking Notification Email from us already! Not all items are sent with tracking numbers, This can include but is not limited to our free and promotional items. Please do not fret, your package is on it's way! 

3. How Long For My Shipment To Arrive?

  • Shipping times can vary by country. We have partnered with several incredible direct suppliers & manufacturers that enabled UndieShip to seamlessly deliver our products worldwide. This truly helps bring down shipping time and cost on a global scale!

Normal Processing & Shipping Times:

Payment Processing & Package Preparation: 2-7 days

Shipping & Delivery Time: 12-20 days

*Extended Post: 20-30+ days

  • Unexpected events can occur where Items may be received slightly before or after excepted. Package delays are mostly due to an unforeseen situations including: weather, seasonal events, customs clearing, or high transit volume during post. Please wait 5-10 working days more.  If the package still doesn’t arrive then please contact our Customer Service via email to
  • We do not guarantee delivery-time on many international shipments due to the differences in customs clearing times in certain countries and their affects on how quickly your products are inspected. If the Extended post exceeds 45 days please contact us and we will help to quickly resolve!  
  • Due to the busy holiday season, packages being delivered to you might get delayed. please be patient waiting for delivery.

4. If I buy several items, will they be delivered together?

  •  If you order more than one item, we will do our best to send everything together. We like to consider the environment, so if you are not in a hurry for a specific item, we will send everything in one shipment once we have the complete order ready (unless there is an item with an extraordinary delivery time).

More Shipping Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding shipping or any other subject, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.